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VehicleManagerOnline is a online analysis tool suite that helps you effectively manage and optimise the performance and costs of your vehicles.

We offer three variants of the system to suit your requirements including a FREE version. The more advanced system allows for as many vehicles as required and can be administered by various people within your organisation.

At a time when the cost of driving is never far from the headlines maximum cost efficiency is critical to all. Every penny counts and this is where VehicleManagerOnline can be a help to your company reduce its vehicle costs.

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The data is saved online in a secure database which builds a detailed record of your vehicle performance and cost which can then be viewed in user-friendly graphics and tables to analyse how your vehicles are performing. The Online tool will provide a detailed cost analysis and can indicate potential future vehicle service maintenance costs.

The VehicleManagerOnline tool is simple to use just load the Fuel Usage, Cost of the Fuel and the odometer reading in Kilometres or Miles each time you purchase fuel and this will start the analysis of the costs and performance.

The analysis reporting tool includes many views such as vehicle economy, price of fuel, monthly and yearly costs and performance and plenty more.

We provide three versions of the VehicleManagerOnline system, please take a look at the table to the right. Click on a feature title if you would like to have more detail.

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Vehicle Tracker Solution

We offer a vehicle tracking solution which is integrated to work with one of our vehiclemanageronline user interfaces.

To find out more click here.

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Average World Fuel Prices

Below is a selection of Fuel Prices from around the world. The data was loaded into our databases by our memebers.

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VehicleManagerOnline Leaflet

Please find a link to our Leaflet describing the VehicleManagerOnline features.


The Standard and Standard+ See How It Works option has the Driver Feature switched on. This is not available for the Standard option.

The Standard+ subscription is yearly.

Costs are equivalent to GBP currency conversion and therefore may differ on purchase.

Extra Vehicle Packs in quantities of ten can be purchased when required at a cost of 10.00 per year (equivalent to £10.00 GBP currency conversion at time of purchase).

Dedicated Server

We can provide the VehicleManagerOnline professional solution on a dedicated server. There are many advatages to a dedicated server and if you want to find out more and the cost then please contact us.